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Posted On : 08 Oct, 2023

Kolkata as heritage city

Kolkata, is the city of joy. this city is having several historical value and also this place is very rich as per cultural value. Within this city in one side you can notice Victoria Memorial Hall which is a clear representation of never healing wound of British Colonilism and at the other hand having UNESCO cultural heritage Durga Puja which is the major festival for all Bengali. At the morning time you can notice the busy city of Kolkata where everyone is running behind job, at afternoon some chanting from temples, preyer from mosque is very usual which shows the diversed religious importance of the city and at night in the peace also you can find some movements in the paaush areas of Park Street and New Market area of the city. When you are visiting the bank of river Ganga you can feel the rich culture is based on the river and also you might here someone is singing folk song, while some boyes are divying on the river or from the passing ateemer sitted at the bank or taking a ride at country boat through the river specially while crissing Howrah bridges from under, definately can lost at the magic of the rhytheme of the flowing river. The main part, apart from which anyone cannot imagine Kolkata, is the food we can get in the city and variety of sweet we can found at any sweet shop of the city which make sure this place as the swttest part in India not only as per Google provided sweetest language search result also food, culture, behaviour. All these experiences mak a special space for all the visitors visit this city and go through the normal life of the city which helps to make some peacefull stunning never forgatable experiences of life.

Akhil, Naturalist

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