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Posted On : 21 Sep, 2023

Asiatic Lion at Gir National Park

Gir National Park is situated at southern part of Gujrat, India.  This national park is quite known to everyone for a big cat species, that is Asiatic Lion. As we know that African continent have good population of Lion but they are African Lion but Gir National Park is the only National Park have Asiatic Lion.  Asiatic Lion are comparatively smaller than their African relative.  Asiatic Lion are having smaller Furr on their neck also forms small group for leaving. Although Lioness are not good climber but sometime we can spot them on lower branchess of tree. As Gir National Park have some last population of Asiatic Lion in the Park.

After a long time of Asiatic Lion conversation started, we can say this Asiatic Lion are increasing in number which is a good sign on Asiatic Lion conversation.


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