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Posted On : 28 Sep, 2023

Wildlife of Central India or Madhya Pradesh

India, is a big country with a vast diversity in Culture, regions, language, Nature and Wildlife.  For understanding Wildlife of India,  we must have to understand "Heart of India" - Madhya Pradesh.  

           Most of the time we denotes Central India to specify Madhya Pradesh and it's sorroundings.  But, when we are discussing about wildlife,  there is a very important reason, for thet we must have to mention about Tiger Resarves and National Parks of Madhya Pradesh.  That is , Madhya Pradesh after a hard and long term effort for wildlife conservation by Forest Department,  conservationist and local peoples, is the best secure home and containing highest number of Royal Bengal Tiger in the state. Because of the good management in these Tiger Resarves and National Parks these places are the most prefferable placefor visitors to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger in the Wild. Also by making locals aware about conservation all protected areas even Beyond its boundary wildlife is flourishing.  Not only Tiger, Madhya Pradesh have highest number of Leopard, wolves and it's Kanha Tiger Resarve is the only strong hold for Hard Ground Swamp Deer.

           Whenever you are planning to visit any wildlife areas in Madhya Pradesh it will definately mesmerize you by it's natural beauty and wildlife diversity. 


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